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Club music is an intra-mixture of disco music of 1970s and experimental pop music of Kraftwerk. The local nightclub settings in the 1980s made this music quite a rage. Club music originally was created with the use of electronic devices such as synthesizers, drums machines and sequencers. These, by and large, accentuated the unique sounds of the instruments and were obtained from certain dance-oriented styles.

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Club music became more popular with the launch of computers in the 1980s. This facilitated club music to get processed using technologies like sound cards, samplers and drum machines. MIDI protocol stepped up the process of sound synchronization of sound via modern approaches even without the use of musical instruments. Club music generally ranges from 120bpm- 200bpm. The music styles of techno, trance, and house are now popular globally.

The Most Preferred

Journalists and club goers classify club music as an assortment of selected genres, styles and sub-styles of music. Genres such as techno, house, trance, electro, breakbeat, drum and bass, Italo disco and Eurobeat flow well with dance moves & hence are played frequently in discotheques whereas genres like IDM, Glitch and Trip-Hop are more experimental & mostly played in pubs as they are better to listen to than to dance on.

Popular musicians such as Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy classified electronic dance music genres based on beats per minute (bpm):

60 - 90 bpm: - Hip Hop & Dub
90 - 120 bpm: - Trip Hop & Bristol Sound
120 - 135 bpm: - House & Commercials
135 - 155 bpm: - Techno & Trance
155 - 180 bpm: - Drum and Bass or Jungle tracks
180 + bpm: - Hardcore Gabber & Beyond

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Club music was not popular until 1980s due to lack of proper record labels. The early founders of techno started the trend with their own creations due to the nonexistence of sufficient openings. Techno masterpieces such as ‘Metroplex Records’ was started by Juan Atkins and Richie Hawtin who set off the significant ‘Plus 8’ mark to a great degree. During the early years of the last decade, Warp Records surfaced as a neoteric source for home-listening and experimental music in UK. Another popular label, ‘Perfecto record label’, arrived later on & included artists such as Astralwerks, Ninja Tune and Paul Oakenfold.

DJs - Flourishing & New-emerging Developments

With the thriving of computerized music technology and ensuing fall in the cost of mixing equipments in the recent past, many artists and DJs have started working with electronic music to make incredible tracks. The introduction of hard disk recording systems have made possible for any home computer user to turn into a composer. Due to this there is a surge of new music groups or bands such as the "bedroom bands" & some “solo bands”. The most top rated DJs in the world like DJ Voltaire, DJ Grii and DJ Ka Z play genres like Industrial, Synth pop, Electronica and Trance. Founders of In House, Techno and Drum & Bass like Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Goldie are known for their famous inventive tracks the world over.

The emerging trend of DJ music has led to the popularity of them such that certain DJs like Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, Sasha, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, and Tijs Verwest get paid a five-figure amount for just a single performance. Their status is as good as any other movie or sport celebrity. They play for hours constantly mixing their music into recorded ones. Now-a-days, a few popular DJs like Armin van Buuren have live shows for the net and also for global radio that are aired about every week. The infamous DJ Twin brothers Autechre &Aphex have been successfully releasing experimental tracks of home-listening music and novel mixing methods that are a hit everywhere. With the likes of these, club music has become exceedingly absorbing and has become crowd pleaser all over the globe.

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