Activ8 Pills - Customer Testimonials

Activ8 pills are something out of this world! This is absolutely true.. I never get those hot and cold sweats or the tummy upsets when I am takin Activ8. I party hard all night but I am fresh as ever in the morning. What more do you need in life??
Anthony - U.K.

My best buddy “Bugs” prefers to keep quiet when he’s on Alcohol. Now when he boozes with Activ8 pills, no one can stop him from jabbering. He’s funny as hell to watch. We are the happiest beings on earth now & get no after effects!! Great deal guys we are your biggest fans…
Aaron - San Francisco

Activ8 gives me an overpoweringly positive feeling, which I love every single time, and it suppresses my need for drugs. It’s simply great! Thanks guys.
Jessie - California

I have been smoking pot big time through out my life. But as I am in my 30’s now I just don’t wanna be a dodo anymore. With Activ8 I enjoy lots as I can socialize much more freely now; I have crashed the pot habit of mine & I SAY you’ll be doing the same if you were me. Thank you for making me a NEW MAN.
Ben Diego - Cape Town

When you party with Activ8, I swear it’s just the same as the real deal but no comedown effects at all. Now I save tons of money & I don’t feel paranoid all the time. I will be ordering more & more of this.
K. Bill - New York

Activ8 seemed like a cool & different party pill when I 1st came across your site. I placed an order for the bottle immediately. I was amazed by the delivery as it just came after 5 days. I tried some right then, minutes later I was all spunked up & happy for an all night party. I am so impressed with your product & the service. I want to thank you for this & all the exciting nights ahead. Kudos!!
Snoozer - Philadelphia

I was badly influenced by street E and this started affecting my life and my finances. I lately tried your herbal stuff ‘ACTIV8’ to see if I could get my needs and calm down in life. Well it sure did the magic; I don’t have to go through those nasty effects of street E nor do I have to get broke anymore. Thanks.
Christian -  New Zealand

This by far the best Herbal High I have ever come across. I usually take 3 Activ8 pills every weekend night & go clubbing at Big Space in my town. I don’t get come-downs plus I mix alcohol as well. Activ8 gives me the best party spirit for the whole night. My friends are also crazy about this stuff. It’s just WOW!!
Jenny - Sydney